Saturday, April 25, 2009

Information Super Highway

I find myself in the far right hand emergency lane on the Information Super Highway and everyone is honking and giving me the bird.

I can't believe I used myself and far right in the same sentence.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Second Class Citizens

Children look at me like I am the Boogy Man and hide behind their mothers skirts. Teens with piercings, bald heads and combat boots spit at me. I am not allowed in restaurants or even bars. Very few private homes allow me in. Now that Black is the new White we seem to need a new Second Class Citizen.

Yes you are right, I am a smoker!

First a bit of history. If the Native Americans had not shown the early settlers how to grow tobacco to create some income they would have had to return to England or die of starvation. If that had been the case we may have well been, God forbid, French.

Smokers are indeed Americas Second Class Citizens. We are bombarded with the evils of tobacco. The "What were we thinking" anti smoking ads always make me nostalgic for the way we were. We were equals then. We were accepted as fellow members of society. Live and let live was the norm.

I am a sixth generation smoker (maybe even more). My generation was expected to smoke. Just wait until you're grown so you don't "stunt your growth"

If you were in the Military you received free smokes in your C Rations. Smoke em if you got em. And they made sure we had em.

Young attractive women gave out small packs on street corners.

More Doctors smoked Camels than any other brand.

C'mon guys, we are not evil people. We are just trying to get along like everyone else. GIVE US A BREAK.